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In recent years, terrazzo has become a popular choice for floors, walls and even accessories such as benchtops, splashbacks and bathroom vanities. It is composed of small chips of marble, glass and other materials, and also cementitious or epoxy hybrid binders. It is an extremely durable and sturdy stone, making it a great choice for foot traffic and other high-traffic areas. However, over time, your terrazzo surfaces will naturally degrade and become dull, stained, damaged and so on. At Stone Doctor Services, our experts specialise in terrazzo restoration, and we can rejuvenate and revitalise your terrazzo surfaces, making them shine with elegance once again.


Understanding Terrazzo and The Importance of Terrazzo Restoration

As mentioned previously, terrazzo is a mixture of different chips of stone, generally marble, mixed with glass, shells and other suitable materials, cementitious binders or epoxy hybrid binders. The mixture is then poured, cured, and ground to a smooth, polished finish resulting in a stunning surface with a unique pattern-like appearance. Terrazzo is most commonly used for floors and have been around for centuries, featuring in many historical buildings and monuments, but also used in modern-day homes and commercial spaces.


Over time, these terrazzo surfaces can lose their shine and luster, becoming dull and faded due to heavy foot traffic, general wear and tear and many other factors. Terrazzo restoration plays an important role as it helps to upkeep and maintain the surface. Terrazzo restoration can help bring back the original beauty and shine of your terrazzo surfaces, returning them to pristine condition once again.

Stone Doctor Services Terrazzo Restoration Services

At Stone Doctor Services, we offer a variety of cleaning, maintenance and restoration services for terrazzo surfaces. Here are the primary services we provide. Each service requires meticulous detail and a high level of skill to perform.



Cleaning is an important role in the maintenance and restoration of any stone surface. Deep-cleaning and stain removal will help keep the stone surface clean, void of any stains, and looking elegant.


The first step in the restoration process is to remove the top layer which is often stained, etched or scratched. Using very low-grit diamond pads, we can remove these defects and ensure a level finish in preparation for honing and polishing.


Once the floor has been ground and any scratches and stains removed, we continue to refine the surface using diamond pads, bringing the surface to a honed finish.


Lastly, polishing requires the finest grit diamond pads and will transform the terrazzo into a polished, mirror like finish. It brings out the natural shine of the terrazzo, and polishing can be further enhanced by using polishing chemicals and compounds, creating an alluring finish.



Once the surface has been cleaned and re-polished, a premium penetrating sealer can be applied to protect the stone from oil and water-based stains. Sealing is a crucial aspect of terrazzo restoration and maintenance, and the same can be said for all types of natural and artificial stone.



Our stone care specialists can also cater to chip and crack repairs for terrazzo surfaces, however this is only included during the full restoration process. If you are seeking a standalone chip or crack repair, kindly reach out to the team for discussion and provide some images for us to review.

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Terrazzo Restoration, Maintenance and Repair Services in Victoria

At Stone Doctor Services, we provide terrazzo services all throughout Victoria. We are mobile and can cater to different suburbs and areas in Victoria, including rural areas. Our service technicians are highly trained and skilled in terrazzo restoration. We use high quality chemicals and products, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment to rejuvenate and restore your terrazzo surfaces. Trust us when it comes to terrazzo restoration, and we can assure you promising results which will leave you stunned and satisfied.

Our Happy Clients!

The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in marble surface restoration.

Stone Doctor has always supplied extremely high quality product to Advanced Terrazzo. They are very reliable, skilled at rejuvenating stone, and the quality of their sealer is superb. We fully endorse their work and product!

Robert Gagliardi

Satisfied Customer


I turned to the Stone Doctor in despair, our beautiful newly laid Terrazzo tiles had lost their colour and the grouting had ruined the surface. Thanks to the thoughtful care and restoration work undertaken by the Stone Doctor the floor will be the highlight of our new bathroom for years to come. Most highly recommended with thanks.

Gavin Jennings

Satisfied Customer


We look forward to working with you

Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated service and retail team. We offer free quotations, consultations, general advice and product recommendations. At Stone Doctor Services, we are always here to help you out. We look forward to working with you.

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