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In recent times, Limestone has become an extremely popular stone choice and has many overall uses. From bathroom floors and walls to outside patios and decorative monuments, limestone has great versatility and is easy to maintain, making it optimal for both indoor and outdoor areas. However, limestone is highly porous and susceptible to staining, just as any other natural stone. This makes limestone sealing a very important aspect of maintenance. At Stone Doctor Services, we have a variety of specialty sealers to use, depending on the type of Limestone and their porosity levels. Before we delve into limestone sealing, it is important to understand the basics of limestone and the best tips for maintenance and sealing.


Understanding Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate (calcite), just like marble. It is highly porous and there are many different types of limestone, some which are more porous than others. Water-based stains, oil and general dirt and grime can build up on your limestone surfaces and become ingrained if they are not properly sealed and regularly maintained. Limestone sealing is pivotal when it comes to upkeeping the durability of your limestone surfaces. Correct limestone sealing practices are crucial and plays a big part in increasing its longevity. It is good to adopt the proper knowledge and practices when it comes to limestone sealing.

Achieve Optimal Results

The Best Tips For Limestone Sealing


1. Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is a must when undertaking any sort of cleaning, sealing, polishing or stone care task. Prior to sealing, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned with specialty cleaning chemicals and any stains must be removed. The surface will have to be re-honed if there are etch marks and other scratches and defects which need removal. Once cleaned, the surface must dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

2. Sealer Choice

There are a variety of sealers to consider when it comes to limestone sealing. Our go-to recommendation is to use a premium penetrating sealer such as Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. However, we do offer a wide range of sealers to choose from depending on the type of limestone and their porosity levels.

3. Application methods

There are various application methods when sealing limestone. At Stone Doctor Services, we often use microfibre cloths for smaller areas such as benchtops and vanities, and lambswool applicators or microfibre rollers for floor and wall tiles. These are the main application methods for sealing stone.

4. Regular Re-Sealing

Depending on the type of area, you should always be re-sealing your limestone within a few years. For example, the bathroom and other high-traffic areas will need to be re-sealed more often than an outdoor undercover patio. Please consult with our stone experts for advice on how often to re-seal your limestone surfaces.

5. Maintenance

Once sealing has been completed, it is important to adopt good maintenance practices and ensure that you are using the best cleaning chemicals to preserve the elegance of your limestone and to increase its longevity. Avoid using harsh tools such as coarse steel wool and scourers and do not use acidic cleaners as they will damage limestone and need professional restoration.

By adopting the proper limestone sealing practices, you are ensuring that your limestone surfaces will prosper and preserve for many years to come. Good maintenance can also help prevent costly restoration jobs and other restoration expenses, since you are regularly cleaning and sealing your limestone surfaces. It is crucial to avoid acidic substances, as damage from such substances will be needing professional attention.


We Provide Exceptional Sealing Services For Limestone

At Stone Doctor Services, our experts are trained to use top quality and cutting-edge tools and equipment, coupled with superior cleaning chemicals and premium sealers. We provide exceptional sealing services for limestone and all other types of natural and artificial stone. Trust us in our limestone sealing services and we can assure extraordinary results which will leave you satisfied.

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The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in Limestone surface restoration.

Have used Stone Doctor services twice in the last few months. First was to re-hone and seal our limestone kitchen counters. The finished product looked almost brand new!… The team from Stone Doctor were very meticulous with the work.. Highly recommend this company.

Prithiva Singham

Satisfied Customer


We had some blotched staining on our new fireplace limestone slabs and Simon was incredibly helpful in recommending a product to remove the stains. Very knowledgeable!

Jake Hammon

Satisfied Customer


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We offer free quotations, free advice, consulting services and many products, ranging from cleaning chemicals and sealers to microfibre cloths and other household goods. At Stone Doctor, we are here to help in many ways, and we look forward to working with you!

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