Professional Installation of Decorative and Commercial Epoxy Floors

Recently, epoxy floors have become an incredibly popular choice for a variety of places, ranging from modern homes and apartment buildings to healthcare buildings and commercial facilities. Its distinct and durable features make it a great choice for places with heavy foot traffic, machinery, and largely populated areas. At Stone Doctor Services, our technicians have been well trained to install decorative and commercial epoxy floors. We can provide a seamless and beautiful epoxy floor for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.


What Is an Epoxy Floor?

An epoxy floor is when epoxy resins are used to create a durable, seamless, and alluring floor. The resin is mixed with a hardening agent, undergoing a reaction to form a rigid and durable material. The material sticks well to various surfaces, making it an optimal choice for flooring applications.

The process of installing decorative and commercial epoxy floors usually consists of cleaning and preparing the existing surface, applying the epoxy and hardening agent, and allowing the surface to dry and cure. This results in a seamless, strong, and beautiful flooring solution.

Benefits of Decorative and Commercial Epoxy Floors

There are multiple benefits of having an epoxy floor due to its distinct features and unique charact            eristics. Here are some of the primary benefits of decorative and commercial epoxy floors.


Epoxy floors are well known for their strong and hard surfaces. They are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, and they are known for their durability and longevity.


Epoxy floors have many different types of resistances. They can endure chemical spills, general liquid spills, heavy impact and are great for commercial and industrial areas such as healthcare facilities and gyms.


Epoxy floors can be customised, adding a slip-resistant agents to make the surface non-slip. This is particularly important for commercial and industrial areas where the floors have to be non-slip.


Over the long term, epoxy floors are a cost-effective option as they are easy durable and have very low maintenance.


Epoxy floors can be installed in many different spaces, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial. It is a great choice for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces and many similar places, as it excels for its durability, simplicity and is visually appealing.


Installation of Decorative and Commercial Epoxy Floors in Melbourne

At Stone Doctor Services, we can install decorative and commercial epoxy floors throughout all suburbs in Melbourne. We can cater to your wants and needs as we service residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


Our service technicians are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained in the stone industry. When it comes to cleaning and sealing your stone and tile surfaces, our stone care experts can assure you long-lasting and brilliant results, all handled with utmost professionalism. Here are a few things that we are well known for at Stone Doctor Services.

Great Customer

At Stone Doctor Services, we are known for our great customer service! We love to help our customers, providing them with any advice, knowledge, and products to help keep their stone surfaces well maintained for the long-term. Our service customers can also enjoy a special 20% discount on all cleaning and sealing products.

Highly Professional and Knowledgeable

We are well known for our levels of professionalism and our knowledge that we possess. We do believe that our service technicians are hard to beat, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge in the stone industry. We can tackle all types of scenarios and we love to challenge ourselves with difficult tasks.


All of our customers have been exceptionally satisfied with the work and results that we provide for them. Our clients can rely on us to restore and revitalise their stone surfaces. We can assure you will be very satisfied with the results we produce, and we are fully dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you

Trust us to transform your living spaces and commercial areas into a beautiful seamless epoxy floor that stands out in elegance. We can assure you brilliant results that will leave you happily satisfied.

Now is the perfect time to reach out to our team. We are offering free quotes, consultation, and general advice.

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