About Us

Our company’s guiding principle is “The Customer Comes First!”, which also serves as our company slogan. In our opinion, it perfectly encapsulates the mission and goals of our company. Bringing joy to you, your loved ones, and your closest friends is our top priority. Always and for the rest of one’s life. 

Products. Restoration. Consulting.

We are Stone Doctor Australia

It is common knowledge that many businesses in the service industry frequently lose sight of the reason why they opened their doors for business in the first place. This is also the case in the restoration and cleaning services aspect of the market. Stone Doctor Australia is well aware of the fact that the key to our company’s success is a happy customer base, and that this success can only be achieved one customer at a time. You matter to us! 

Our Core Values

What To Expect From Us

At Stone Doctor Australia, our decisions are always based on a set of guiding principles that we hold dear. Our interactions with our clients, our associates, and our key business partners are guided by these values, which serve as a guide for how we should behave ourselves in each of these contexts. 


We adhere to the notion that every single person starts out equal. We acknowledge and respect the inherent dignity of every individual and recognise the perspectives of others at face value. Our approach to our clients, colleagues, and business partners in the business is that of mature, responsible adults who are guided by ethics and good intentions.


This entails offering straightforward assurances. At Stone Doctor Australia, we keep our word and make every effort to exceed our customers' expectations in all we do.


At Stone Doctor Australia, we believe every day to be a new opportunity to learn something new. The work that we conduct provides us with both gratification and an education at the same time. We make it a point to carefully document and evaluate each stage of our procedures in order to guarantee that our clients enjoy first-rate interactions with our business.

Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to be the greatest stone and tile care business in Australia for every sort of stone restoration service we offer. We believe we can accomplish our purpose by achieving the greatest industry standards for service, dependability, client relations, and trust. We were founded to provide creative, unique, and timeless services in both home and commercial settings. Our polite and friendly, competent, experienced, and professional staffs educate and inspire our customers, providing answers to difficulties related with natural and engineered stone polishing, tile and grout restoration, and sealing. Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality are our top priorities! 

Our Vision

Our company’s vision is to become the market leader in Australia for both residential and commercial stone restoration. From the initial inquiry until the end of every project, we strive to give our clients with a fair, transparent, and honest experience. We continually strive to be the only company in the stone industry to offer consistent, professional, and high-quality stone restoration services. Our team is knowledgeable, well-trained in best practices on world class technology, and empowered to make your house and experience special. 

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