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Marble has become an extremely popular stone choice for many luxurious homes, due to its opulence and aesthetics. Its timeless beauty has been popular for many different types of buildings, ranging from modern homes to grand and ancient buildings. However, marble surfaces often get dirty, accumulate dirt and grim, and get worn down over time due to high-traffic, weather, and other factors. It is crucial to implement proper and correct marble cleaning techniques and procedures to maintain its gracefulness.


The Importance of Marble Cleaning

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of calcite and is naturally porous, like any other stone. Regular marble cleaning is required to keep the marble surface in good condition and increase its longevity. Over time, stains, dirt, grime, and general impurities will appear on your marble surfaces, even if the surface has been sealed previously. It is good to learn and adopt the correct marble cleaning practices and learn the basics when it comes to marble cleaning.

The Basics of Marble Cleaning


Do not use acidic cleaners

When cleaning your marble surface, do not use acidic cleaners. Acidic substances will etch your marble and require professional restoration to remove the etch marks.


Stain removal

At Stone Doctor Services, we excel at stain removal by using specialised tools, chemicals, and stain removal products to remove any type of stain, depending on the stain itself. We also offer many stain removal products which are suitable for DIY use.


Daily cleaning

It is pivotal to be daily or regularly cleaning your marble surfaces to increase its longevity and retain the durability and condition of your marble surface.

Do not use abrasive or harsh tools

Try to avoid using any harsh cleaning tools such as scouring pads or coarse steel wool. Marble is soft and sensitive and can get scratched quite easily.


Avoiding heat

Marble is sensitive to heat and placing hot dishes or plates can cause quick expansion and contraction, giving rise to unwanted cracks. We suggest using place mats when dealing with hot items.


Seal your marble

Before adopting these marble cleaning practices, it is good to ensure your marble surface has been professionally sealed with a premium penetrating sealer for the most effective results.


Quality Service

At Stone Doctor Services, our experts and technicians use premium cleaning chemicals to rejuvenate and freshen up your marble surfaces. We ensure these chemicals are acid-free and marble safe. We use top quality equipment, coupled with our many years of experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Trust us when it comes to marble cleaning and restoration, and we assure you will be happily satisfied with the results.

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Before After
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Our Happy Clients!

The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in marble surface restoration.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stone Doctor. We have employed them three times now to maintain our marble tiles. Not only have they always done an excellent job, they have been highly professional, extremely considerate and a delight to have in the house.

Jane Matthews

Satisfied Customer


We just had the team renovate 3 bathrooms of black soft marble countertops. Badly stained during 4 years of having tenants. The team did a superb job of restoring the marble. We’re delighted with every aspect. Friendly, talented, dedicated team

Mike Brownlow

Satisfied Customer


Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team

Whether you are seeking out professional marble cleaning, stone restoration, or stone and tile maintenance in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We also assist with free quotations, consultation, or any general advice needed. At Stone Doctor, we are always happy to help you out.

Our dedicated service and retail team will provide you with exceptional customer service, and we look forward to working with you.

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