Professional Bathroom Tile Cleaning

When it comes to keeping to maintaining your bathroom wall tiles, we can understand how daunting of a task it can become. Without the proper care and maintenance practices, your bathroom tiles can accumulate dirt, grime and develop mould and mildew. At Stone Doctor Services, our professionals can look after your bathroom tiles, cleaning and restoring them back to their former glory. We can deep clean your tiles, removing any stains, soap scum, mould, mildew and other defects from the surface, bringing back their original appearance and enhancing their overall aesthetics.


Our Bathroom Tile Cleaning and Sealing Services

Over time, bathroom tiles can become dirty and grimy due to their constant exposure to water, soap, and other personal care products. This can also result in soap scum to build up, and the accumulation of all these issues can lead the surface to becoming dull and discoloured, making the overall bathroom less appealing. Mould and mildew are another common issue in the bathroom and showers, which is why cleaning and sealing your bathroom tiles is crucial as it allows for easier maintenance and reduces the risk of mould, mildew and other issues.

At Stone Doctor Services, our professionals are equipped with high quality cleaning chemicals and premium penetrating sealers. We can deep clean your bathroom tiles, whether they are stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, and we can apply a penetrative sealer to protect your tiles from unwanted issues such as mould, water damage and other risks.

We also offer specialised grout cleaning and regrouting services. If your grout lines between your bathroom tiles are needing attention, trust our team to revitalise them back to their former glory.


Restoring Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Like any other surface, your natural stone bathroom tiles will become dull, faded, and lacklustre over time due to the constant exposure to water, soap, personal care products and other factors. Our stone care specialists can rejuvenate and restore your natural stone bathroom tiles, maintaining their pristine condition. We can rejuvenate and restore your marble, limestone, and travertine bathroom tiles, restoring them up to 90% of their original appearance and help to preserve their elegance and aesthetics.


We can rehone and repolish your stone surfaces, removing any soap scum, dull patches, scratches, and other defects and restoring the entire area. We can create a matte finish or a mirror-like, polished finish, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom tiles. If you are wanting your bathroom tiles restored, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our team.


Our service technicians are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained in the stone industry. When it comes to cleaning and sealing your stone and tile surfaces, our stone care experts can assure you long-lasting and brilliant results, all handled with utmost professionalism. Here are a few things that we are well known for at Stone Doctor Services.

Great Customer

At Stone Doctor Services, we are known for our great customer service! We love to help our customers, providing them with any advice, knowledge, and products to help keep their stone surfaces well maintained for the long-term. Our service customers can also enjoy a special 20% discount on all cleaning and sealing products.

Highly Professional and Knowledgeable

We are well known for our levels of professionalism and our knowledge that we possess. We do believe that our service technicians are hard to beat, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge in the stone industry. We can tackle all types of scenarios and we love to challenge ourselves with difficult tasks.


All of our customers have been exceptionally satisfied with the work and results that we provide for them. Our clients can rely on us to restore and revitalise their stone surfaces. We can assure you will be very satisfied with the results we produce, and we are fully dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

Our Happy Clients!

The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in stone surface restoration.

“Very impressed with the thorough clean of our bathroom and laundry floor tiles. Harish was friendly, professional and efficient. We now know we’ll be able to clean the tiles ourselves, with a recommended product and are reassured to know that we can get Stone Doctor back if and when we need.”

Greta Swan

Satisfied Customer


“It was an awkward environment to work in & they have removed the stains & brought the tiles back to looking good, all while being considerate of us still living in the house whilst they worked.
They did a great job!”

Jo Wyatt

Satisfied Customer


Bathroom Tile Cleaning and Restoration Melbourne

If your bathroom tiles have become worn and dull and is needing cleaning and restoring, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our professional team at Stone Doctor Services. We can provide you with a free quotation, consultation, and general advice in cleaning and restoring your bathroom tiles.

Trust us when it comes to maintaining and restoring bathroom tiles and we can assure you outstanding results, preserving the beauty of your stone and tiled surfaces. We look forward to hearing from you.

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