Creating An Antique Stone Finish with Melbourne’s Finest Stone Care Experts

There are many types of stone finishes which can be achieved and replicated by a stone care expert. The most common finishes are often honed, semi-polished and polished. However, there are uncommon and unique finishes to certain types of stone. A great example of this is an antique stone finish. At Stone Doctor Services, our technicians have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to recreate an antique stone finish for your natural stone surfaces. Are you wanting something more unique while being extremely attractive? Reach out now to inquire about our antique stone services.

What Is an Antique Stone Finish?

An antique stone finish is a treatment and process applied to natural stone surfaces which makes the surface look aged and naturally weathered. It produces a leathered affect, and its uniqueness and rustic charm can be very appealing. It is a great choice for architectural and designer projects and can be used both internally and externally, depending on the type of stone and desired aesthetics.

Antique Stone Finish Process

There are a variety of techniques which can be used to help achieve an antique stone finish. Here are the most common techniques used to recreate this unique and beautiful stone finish.


Stones can be tumbled in a machine with abrasives and other materials to create rounded edges and a worn appearance.


Similar to a brushed finish, we can use special mechanical brushes to remove the softer particles in stone, revealing the harder materials and creating a textured and rigid appearance.

Chemical Treatments

Another way of creating an antique stone finish is to acid wash the surface to etch and alter its appearance. Other chemicals can also be used for this process.


Chiselling is the process of using manual techniques to intentionally create a weathered and imperfect appearance on the stone surface.

Surface Coating

Antique stone finishes can also be created by applying a coating or a sort of sealer which can help create an aged look.

What Type of Stones Can We Create an Antique Stone Finish On?

Stone Doctor Services primarily work with marble, limestone, and travertine when it comes to creating an antique stone finish. If you are wanting an antique stone finish on other types of stone, please reach out to our team directly and we will be able to help you out.



Our service technicians are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained in the stone industry. When it comes to cleaning and sealing your stone and tile surfaces, our stone care experts can assure you long-lasting and brilliant results, all handled with utmost professionalism. Here are a few things that we are well known for at Stone Doctor Services.

Great Customer

At Stone Doctor Services, we are known for our great customer service! We love to help our customers, providing them with any advice, knowledge, and products to help keep their stone surfaces well maintained for the long-term. Our service customers can also enjoy a special 20% discount on all cleaning and sealing products.

Highly Professional and Knowledgeable

We are well known for our levels of professionalism and our knowledge that we possess. We do believe that our service technicians are hard to beat, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge in the stone industry. We can tackle all types of scenarios and we love to challenge ourselves with difficult tasks.


All of our customers have been exceptionally satisfied with the work and results that we provide for them. Our clients can rely on us to restore and revitalise their stone surfaces. We can assure you will be very satisfied with the results we produce, and we are fully dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

Antique Stone Finishes Melbourne and Victoria

At Stone Doctor Services, we cater to all suburbs throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We have the skills, equipment, and many years of experience to replicate an antique finish on your natural stone surfaces. If you are wanting to create a unique stone surface with charming characteristics, now is the perfect time to reach out to our team. We can transform your natural stone investments and assure you that they will stand out in brilliance. We look forward to hearing from you.

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