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For thousands and thousands of years, natural stone has been a favoured choice by architects and designers. Natural stone has been used to build homes, apartment, commercial buildings, and many other facilities in modern times. There are many different types of stones used for many different types of buildings and facilities.

For example, bluestone is commonly used for carparks due to its durability. Marble is often used in luxury homes and buildings, due to its opulence and being the most expensive luxury stone available. But regardless of what type of stone is used for buildings, the condition of these stones will gradually decrease over time due to traffic, weather, general wear and tear and many other factors. This is why stone restoration is very important, and why Stone Doctor Services is the best choice when it comes to stone restoration.

Why Is Stone Restoration Important?

Stone restoration is a process of removing any impurities and degradation and bringing back the surface to its original form and appearance. Although stone restoration cannot bring the surface back to a factory finish, restoration generally yields up to 90% of its original appearance, depending on the type of stone and its current condition. There are various tools, equipment, processes, and techniques used in restoration, and at Stone Doctor Services we are exceptionally proficient in all aspects of stone restoration.

It is important to restore your natural stone surfaces after noticing any dullness, marks and wear and tear. There are many benefits in restoration, such as increasing its longevity, enhancing its aesthetics, increasing its value and much, much more. The restoration process mainly involves cleaning, honing, polishing, and sealing, but there are many other things that are involved in restoration.

Main Stone Restoration Services

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A key step in the stone restoration process is to thoroughly clean the surface by using specialised and concentrated cleaning chemicals, ensuring they are suitable for the type of stone being worked on. Oil and any other stains can be removed by using stain removal products and equipment. If the surface is etched, then the surface will have to be re-honed prior to cleaning.

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Sealing is a must for all types of stone surfaces, regardless of the finish. Sealing will help to prevent oil and water-based staining and will generally improve the lifespan and condition of the stone.

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If the stone surface needs to be polished, finer diamond abrasive pads will be used to bring the stone up to a shiny and polished finish. If additional polishing is needed, a polishing compound can be used to give the stone surface its final shine.

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Honing is the process of using specific diamond abrasive pads to remove any scratches and stains, etch marks, dull spots and so on, restoring the stone to a uniform and matte finish.

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Any chips, cracks, scratches, or general damage of the stone can be repaired with the proper skills and techniques with either an epoxy or other suitable materials. This step is generally done prior to honing, depending on the situation.

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We are extremely adept at cleaning, honing, polishing, sealing, and repairing stone surfaces. We also undertake many other tasks, such as tile re-grouting, silicone caulking, floor protection, floor stripping, specialised stain removal and many other services. Head over to our services section to view our extensive range of services available.


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