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Natural stone has been a top choice for building material and accessories for many centuries due to its durability, versatility and beauty. From marble countertops to granite monuments, natural stone adds a touch of elegance and charm to any space it occupies. To maintain its aesthetically pleasing looks, stone polishing is needed. Over time, stone can gather stains, scratches, dull marks and become generally worn down. With stone polishing, we are able to rejuvenate and revitalise all types of stone surfaces, making them look brand new again.


The Significance of Stone Polishing

In order to maintain the beauty of your natural stone surfaces, stone polishing is crucial and very important. Your stone surfaces will become scratched, etched, dulled, and faded over time due to high-usage, weather conditions, spills, and other factors. By re-honing and polishing your stone surfaces, our stone care specialists are able to remove all types of blemishes, bringing vibrance and life back to your stone surfaces. There are multiple benefits of stone polishing, making it a worthwhile investment.


Increased value

When it comes to stone polishing, we are also increasing the value of your stone investments. By transforming a dull and lifeless stone surface to one that shines with colour and grace, the value of the stone itself has increased. This is good for those planning to sell their investments.


Increased durability & longevity

As with all other things, proper care and maintenance of your stone surfaces will lead to an increase in its longevity and durability. Stone polishing will help to keep your stone in pristine condition and last much longer.

Enhanced aesthetics

By re-honing and polishing stone surfaces, it becomes increasingly more appealing and attractive. Rejuvenating your stone will enhance its aesthetics, making it enchanting in any place it occupies.

Easy to maintain

A polished stone surface is smoother and less porous, making them easier to maintain. They will be easy to seal and cleaned regularly, preventing the build up of dirt and bacteria, which contributes to its longevity.

Our Methods of Stone Polishing

At Stone Doctor Services, our stone care experts are extremely profound when it comes to stone polishing. We have several methods to achieve different levels of finishes, for example achieving a matte finish, semi-polished finish or a polished finish, just to list a few. Here are some of our primary methods of stone polishing.


Honing is the process of using very low grit diamond abrasive pads to remove any scratches, etch marks, stains and other blemishes on the surface. By re-honing the surface, we can bring the stone back to a matte finish.



Polishing is the process of using finer diamond abrasive pads to bring a great shine to the surface. The end result is a shiny and polished stone surface.

Powder / Compound Polishing

We use a variety of honing and polishing powders, as well as polishing gels and compounds to resurface your stone investments. With the use of water and these powders and compounds, we can achieve a beautiful finish on all types of stone surface, catering to your every need.


Crystallisation is the method of using special chemicals to create a crystalline layer on the surface of the stone. This provides a polished result and is often used for marble and limestone.

Before After

Stone Polishing and Honing Services Throughout Victoria

At Stone Doctor Services, we can cater to all customers throughout Victoria. We have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to rejuvenate and refurbish all types of stone surfaces, including engineered stone.


We prioritise the safety of all parties involved, hence all of our techniques involve the use of water, producing no dust and creating a safe working environment. Furthermore, we have our engineered stone license, granted by WorkSafe Victoria, to further reinforce our commitment and experience in the stone industry.

Our Happy Clients!

The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in marble surface restoration.

I recently had my Kitchen Polished by Stone Doctor Australia and i am over the moon with the results.
Professional, Punctual and Polite i will be going back again in the near future for my next project.
Thanks for the excellent finish!

Scott Bradbury

Satisfied Customer


Exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and reliable – can’t recommend them highly enough – have now used Stone Doctors twice to hone and seal a marble ensuite and both times the work has been exceptional


Satisfied Customer


We look forward to working with you.

Trust us when it comes to stone polishing, and we can assure you everlasting results that will make your stone surfaces shine with brilliance! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated service and retail team. We offer free quotations, consultations, general advice, and products.

At Stone Doctor, we are always here to help. We look forward to working with you.

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