Professional Temporary Floor Protection Services in Melbourne

When it comes to construction, renovation, or any activities that might pose a risk of dirtying or damaging the existing floors, temporary floor protection is essential as it helps to safeguard and protect your floors.

This form of protection can help to prevent dirt and grime from building up on the existing floors, scratches, dents, stains and many other forms of damage and ruin that occurs during construction or remodeling projects. At Stone Doctor Services, we are versatile and provide a wide range of services, and temporary floor protection is one of them.

Different Types of Temporary Floor Protection

There are several different types of temporary floor protection methods which are used for construction or renovation projects.

Flooring Paper or Rolls

Paper flooring or rolls are a very common method of floor protection. It is rolled out onto the floor and provides protection against general dirt, spills and scratches.

Plastic Sheets or Film

Plastic sheets are primarily used when the main concern are spills. These can be simply laid down or adhesive-backed and excel in repelling liquids and spills.

Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard sheets are less common but work well against abrasion and impactful damage.

Protective Mats

These mats are often made of rubber or foam and provide a soft, cushioned surface to protect from wear and tear from heavy objects and foot traffic

Adhesive Mats or Film

These mats are usually laid down with an adhesive and stick to the surface, creating a protective barrier against dirt and debris.

At Stone Doctor Services, we primarily use flooring paper and rolls, or plastic sheets and film. But, depending on the situation, we can opt out for the other options. Our professional team is proficient and experienced when it comes to temporary floor protection.

Temporary Floor Protection Services in Melbourne

At Stone Doctor Services, we have a wide range of clientele and can cater to a wide variety of people and companies. We can provide services to small construction projects such as houses, or larger developments such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, warehouses and other large facilities.

Our service technicians are well trained and knowledgeable in the processes and procedures regarding temporary floor protection. We use premium breathable floor protectors, suitable for all types of surfaces including natural stone, which excels in moisture sensitive areas.


Our service technicians are highly skilled and have been thoroughly trained in the stone industry. When it comes to cleaning and sealing your stone and tile surfaces, our stone care experts can assure you long-lasting and brilliant results, all handled with utmost professionalism. Here are a few things that we are well known for at Stone Doctor Services.

Great Customer

At Stone Doctor Services, we are known for our great customer service! We love to help our customers, providing them with any advice, knowledge, and products to help keep their stone surfaces well maintained for the long-term. Our service customers can also enjoy a special 20% discount on all cleaning and sealing products.

Highly Professional and Knowledgeable

We are well known for our levels of professionalism and our knowledge that we possess. We do believe that our service technicians are hard to beat, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge in the stone industry. We can tackle all types of scenarios and we love to challenge ourselves with difficult tasks.


All of our customers have been exceptionally satisfied with the work and results that we provide for them. Our clients can rely on us to restore and revitalise their stone surfaces. We can assure you will be very satisfied with the results we produce, and we are fully dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you

If you would like to discuss about getting temporary floor protection services, now is the perfect time to reach out to our team! We can provide a free quote and we can assure you brilliant results with great efficiency.

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