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Stone sealing is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining the elegance of your natural stone surfaces. For many, many centuries, stone has been used for architectural designs and to add aesthetics and charm to any space. From stone monuments to stone kitchen benchtops and vanities, natural stone has been a great choice due to its beautiful and unique characteristics. However, to maintain the grace of your natural stone surfaces, proper maintenance is required. One crucial aspect of maintenance is stone sealing, which is the protective measures taken to ensure your stone surfaces are free of oil and water-based stains.


Understanding Stone Sealing and Its Importance

Stone sealing is the process of applying a sealer to your natural stone surfaces to prevent oil and water-based stains from appearing. Over time, stone surfaces will gradually decrease and lose their durability. This is due to multiple reasons, such as weather conditions, high-usage and high-traffic areas, spills, and so on. It is vital to be sealing your stone surfaces to protect them from stains and general wear and tear.

All stone types are porous, some being more porous than others. At Stone Doctor Services, we have a wide range of penetrative sealers which we use to protect and preserve the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. We choose different penetrating sealers to use depending on the type of stone, due to the fact that some sealers have certain effects on certain stones. We highly recommend seeking professional stone sealing services, as preserving your natural stone investments should be of utmost importance.

Why Stone Sealing Is Beneficial

There are a multitude of reasons as to why stone sealing is beneficial and worthwhile. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of sealing natural stone surfaces.


Stain prevention

By sealing your natural stone surfaces, you are protecting your stone from oil and water-based stains, dirt and grime, and general wear and tear from usage.


Improves durability

Protecting and sealing your stone surfaces improves the durability of your stone surfaces and is great for long-term maintenance. You are ensuring that the stone surface stays in good condition and improving it overall.


Easier maintenance

A sealed surface is very easy to maintain. Once your stone surfaces have been sealed, simply use a daily cleaning product to maintain the stone.

Enhanced aesthetics

A colour enhancing sealer can rejuvenate and revitalise your stone surfaces. It can transform a dull and lifeless stone to one full of vibrance and colour, another reason why stone sealing is beneficial.

Increases longevity

By protecting your stone, you are also assuring an increase in longevity. Your stone surfaces are going to last much longer and stay well-maintained by cleaning and sealing your surfaces regularly.


Professional Stone Sealing Services Throughout Victoria

At Stone Doctor Services, we are very adept and proficient when it comes to natural stone sealing. We have extensive experience with all different stone types, specialising with marble, limestone, travertine, granite and so on. We can suggest the right sealer to use, depending on your type of stone and specific needs. We have the proper tools and equipment, ensuring proper application and that we are sealing your stone surfaces with maximum efficiency.

We are very efficient, and we can assure you long-lasting and brilliant results. Trust us when it comes to sealing your natural stone surfaces and we will preserve the beauty and elegance of your investments.

Our Happy Clients!

The satisfaction and positive reviews from our clients serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in marble surface restoration.

I contacted the Stone Doctor to restore, repolish and reseal our mable kitchen benchtops and marble island bench… Harish and Team did an amazing job. Our kitchen marble benches look brand new and has a beautiful shine to it.

Berny Sirgo

Satisfied Customer


Did a wonderful job cleaning our limestone paving, removing stains and then resealing... very professional, reliable, punctual and did a great job. We are so happy with the finished result. Cannot recommend enough

Sophie Master

Satisfied Customer


We look forward to working with you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our service technicians here at Stone Doctor Services, as well as our dedicated retail team. We offer free quotations, consultations, general advice and knowledge, and products. At Stone Doctor, we are always here to help you out.

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