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From many centuries ago, natural stone has been used widely across the globe. From grand monuments, such as the pyramids and famous Roman temples, to modern day apartment buildings and luxurious homes, natural stone has been a popular choice by many architects and designers, due to its timeless beauty and its unique characteristics. There are various types of stone which have unique properties and distinctive features, making each stone special that excels in its own way.

Over time, stone naturally decreases in quality, due to multiple factors such as weather conditions, the accumulation of dirt and grime, obtaining stains and so on. This is where stone cleaning comes into play. Professional stone cleaning is essential when it comes to preserving the elegance and beauty of your natural stone surfaces.

The Significance of Stone Cleaning

In order to retain the grace of your natural stone surfaces, stone cleaning plays a very important role in this. Over time, natural stone surfaces can become dull and poorly maintained due to natural factors and high-traffic and high-usage areas. In order to keep your stone surfaces well maintained, stone cleaning is vital. There are many reasons as to why stone cleaning is crucial.


Preserving aesthetics

By regularly cleaning your stone surfaces, or having them maintained by professionals, you are maintaining their aesthetic appeal and keeping them in pristine condition. This is extremely important for all stone structures, ranging from households to significant historical monuments.


Increasing durability and longevity

By having your stone professionally cleaned and maintained, you are also improving the durability and overall condition of your stone surfaces, which results in increased longevity. Professional stone cleaning can help to keep your stone surfaces in pristine condition and retain its grace.

Increase in value

By undergoing stone cleaning, you are improving the overall condition of your stone surface. This results in its value increasing, which can be beneficial for those planning to sell their homes or stone assets.

Different Aspects of Stone Cleaning we Offer!

When it comes to stone cleaning, there are multiple aspects to take into consideration. We offer many different types of cleaning solutions, depending on your needs. At Stone Doctor, our service technicians are highly qualified and trained to clean all types of stone surfaces. Here are some of the primary cleaning solutions that we offer:

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Stain Removal

Our service technicians offer specialised stain removal services for all types of natural and artificial stone. We can remove any stain and ensure your stone surfaces are cleansed of stubborn markings and stains.

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High Pressure Wash

We offer pressure washing services to remove dirt, grime, soot, and other impurities from your stone surfaces. Highly effective in cleaning large outdoor areas and very cost effective!

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Chemical Cleaning

We can use specialty cleaning chemicals to deep clean your stone surface, making them look brand new again. We can also follow up by sealing your stone surfaces, giving them protection and increasing their durability and longevity.

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Biological/Environmental Cleaning

When we mention biological/environmental cleaning, we are specifically talking about the removal of organic growth, for example mould, moss, algae, and lichen. We offer different methods depending on the type of growth, and we have a wide variety of cleaning chemicals and equipment to ensure your surfaces are looking refreshed and brand new again.


Stone Cleaning Services Throughout Victoria

At Stone Doctor, we offer all of our services throughout Victoria. We offer fair and just prices for the quality of work and results that we produce. Our stone care specialists have been extensively trained and have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to stone cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. We use premium cleaning products and state-of-the-art machinery to tackle difficult situations and rejuvenate your stone surfaces.

Trust us when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your stone surfaces, and we can assure you that we will produce amazing results which will leave your stone surfaces shining with brilliance.

We look forward to working with you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated service and retail team. We can offer free quotations, consultations, products and general advice and assistance for those in need. At Stone Doctor, we are always happy to help you out in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to our team.

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