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Welcome to Stone Doctor Services Ptd Ltd., your trusted experts in tile and stone care. We can clean, seal, re-hone, re-polish and repair all natural and engineered stone surfaces, as well as porcelain and ceramic tiles. Our stone care specialists will rejuvenate and revitalise your benchtops, floors, walls, vanities, fireplaces, and all other types of surfaces, making them look brand new and in pristine condition. We specialise in marble, limestone, travertine, and granite, but can cater to any natural stone or tiled surface. We are also qualified to work with engineered quartz and engineered stone, with our official license from WorkSafe Victoria. Experience stone care at its finest with Stone Doctor.

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About Stone Doctor Services

We Have a Wide Range of Expertise. Our Team of Stone Care Specialists Provides Cleaning, Honing, Polishing and Many Other Services!

At Stone Doctor Services, our undying commitment is to provide the highest quality cleaning and restoration services in the state of Victoria. Operating out of Melbourne for more than 10 years with prices that are both fair and honest at the highest quality.

Our operations differ from any other company. Not only do we offer cleaning and restoration services, but we also offer products and consulting. We are the only company in Australia that supplies premium imported European Stone Care Products to you as a consumer at special pricing, saving you on these consumables long term, along with many other premium brands such as Lithofin. We are also a Professional Consulting Outfit, where we can assist you with material selection, material sourcing, installation techniques, and general knowledge and product advice, along with many other things.

To ensure your safety as well as the safety of our stone care technicians, rest assured that we are a fully authorised contractor with Work Safe having obtained our Engineered Stone License, where the control of any dust particles in the working environment is paramount. License number WSV-0150568905. Another great reason to use our stone care services, as we are one step ahead in the professional environment and we prioritise your safety, as well as ours, while producing exceptional results which will leave you satisfied.

Featured Projects:

The Best of What We Have to Offer. Stone Care Services Right Here in Victoria.

Here are some before and after photos for your viewing. Working with other stone surfaces are also within our proficiencies, like terrazzo, slate, sandstone, dolomite, onyx & quartzites. It is a known fact among stone care specialists that every stone type has different properties. For example, tonality, hardness, open veins, fissures, pin holes & varied densities, making our tasks as a stone care provider ever challenging. With our combined experience of more than 35 years, you can almost place your full confidence with us well knowing the vast areas we have covered during this time. Our stone care services are right here for all your restoration projects in Melbourne and Victoria wide. Entrust us with your stone surfaces and we will preserve their beauty and grace!

Stone Doctor Primary Cleaning and Restoration Services

At Stone Doctor Services, our stone care experts are adept in many types of services. Here are our primary services just to name a few.

Marble Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration

Marble, one of the most prominent and luxurious stones out there. Trust us when it comes to cleaning, sealing, repairing, and restoring your marble surfaces. With our expertise, we can protect and restore any marble surface, bringing out their true beauty and elegance once again.

Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration

At Stone Doctor Services, our stone care specialists are highly qualified in maintaining and restoring natural stone. From soft, porous stones such as limestone to sturdier stones such as granite and quartz, we have the skills to clean, seal, re-hone, re-polish and repair any natural stone surface, ensuring brilliant results for our clients.


Engineered Stone Maintenance and Restoration

We are very proud of the fact that our stone care experts hold an engineered stone license, granted from Work Safe Victoria. This license is now mandatory for anyone undertaking engineered stonework. We ensure the safety of all parties involved, and we have absolute control in the ability to produce no dust particles whatsoever. Contact us today for amazing results that will make your engineered stone surfaces stand out with brilliance.

Internal Tile Maintenance and Restoration

We are not only limited to natural stone, but we can clean, seal, and restore porcelain and ceramic surfaces as well. From cleaning and sealing to stain removal, we use top quality premium products to produce outstanding results for our customers.


External Stone and Tile Cleaning and Restoration

Maintain the beauty of your outdoor areas with our professional cleaning and restoration services. We cater to any outdoor areas, from carparks and apartment foyers to swimming pools and patios. Trust our professional cleaning and sealing services to preserve your external areas.

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance and Restoration

At Stone Doctor Services, our stone care experts attend to larger commercial and industrial buildings. We have maintained places such as Melbourne Emporium, shopping centres such as Chadstone, multiple apartment buildings and skyrises, and much more. Trust our professional services to keep your commercial buildings shining with elegance.

Our Stone Restoration Services

Our stone care experts will revitalise and rejuvenate your natural stone and tile surfaces. From cleaning and sealing, to chip repairs and re-grouting, our stone care specialists can do it all! Browse our service team down below and see them in action! View the end results of our dedication and commitment to our clients.

People Say The Nicest Things

Check Out Our 5 Star Reviews from Our Wonderful Clients!

Greta Swan


Very impressed with the thorough clean of our bathroom and laundry floor tiles. Harish was friendly, professional and efficient. We now know we’ll be able to clean the tiles ourselves, with a recommended product and are reassured to know that we can get Stone Doctor back if and when we need.

Gregory Foulds

CDK Stone

We have been receiving positive feedback from our stone customers about the services provided by the Stone Doctor. Our customers are our first priority and to know they are in safe hands regarding the cleaning, sealing or restoring of their natural stone surfaces is very reassuring.  Thank you greatly for your continued service and support.

Robert Gagliardi


Stone Doctor has always supplied extremely high quality product to Advanced Terrazzo. They are very reliable, skilled at rejuvenating stone, and the quality of their sealer is superb. We fully endorse their work and product!

We Are A Business Who Cares, And it Shows


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Experience Premium Tile and Stone Care Maintenance and Restoration with Stone Doctor Services Pty Ltd.

In the event that you are confronted with any type of issue, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, the real and true professionals. At Stone Doctor Services Pty Ltd., all these issues and much more can be taken care of by our stone care specialists, who have been extensively trained over the years. Your natural stone surfaces can be restored to their former glory at your call. You can count on us to turn things around for you, with our premium stone care services and expertise.


We operate all across Victoria, including regional areas.

Need experts to take care of your stone? Do not hesitate to reach out to our stone care specialists and dedicated retail team. We offer free quotations, consultation, and general advice. At Stone Doctor Services, we are always here to help you out. Our devoted service and retail team will provide you with the best customer service. We look forward to hearing from you.

Office: Unit 14, 6-14 Wells Road, Oakleigh VIC 3166

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